Aquarium Health & Recovery

Like all that is livingEventually they all get old and tired.

If you‘re searching for answers to the questions below you may need Salty Dog Aquariums help.

  • Is your aquarium looking old and tired?
  • Is it harder to keep your aquarium clean?
  • Is your sand nice and clean?
  • Do you have unwanted algae?
  • Is it harder to keep your water chemistry in balance?
  • Do your fish get sick and die?
  • Are your corals growing or stagnating?

You may need your water chemistry balanced or an upgrade in filtration or lighting. We specialize in trouble shooting your aquarium system and making recommendations to resolve your particular needs.

Scheduled maintenance is a major factor in keeping your aquarium healthy. Salty Dog Aquariums has a maintenance package that is tailored to your needs. (See Maintenance)

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