Saltwater Aquarium Supplies

Salty Dog Aquariums distributes state of the art aquarium components and supplies from all the major manufacturers in the aquarium industry to its clients.

If you are looking to upgrade a component or you are building a new system we have what you need.

Not all aquarium products are the same quality. Our experience over the years has given us the product knowledge needed to choose the best product for your aquarium and budget. Not only do we sell great equipment we can also repair existing aquarium equipment.

aquarium filter set up

Recommended Aquarium Products and Distributor:

Trade Wind Chillers

Reeflow Water Pumps

Reef Octopus Protein Skimmers

Aqua Illumination LED Lighting

AquaMedic Reef Dosers

Ehiem Auto Feeders

Coralife Uv Sterilizers

Instant Ocean Salt Mix

Brightwell Chemistry

Danner Supreme Pumps

Spectrum Fish Food

Hydra Korlia Power Heads

If you have a favorite product that is not in the list, we can get it.