Aquarium Services


Aquarium CleaningAquarium Maintenance

Saltwater Aquarium Maintenance programs providing regular chemistry testing, algae removal, sand cleaning, and complete water changes. Flexible plans available.

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Move your aquariumRelocation and Set-Up Services

Moving your aquarium? Worry free end-to-end service. Safe transport, re-acclimation, and equipment set-up.

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Fix sick aquariumsAquarium Health

Rehabilitation and revitalization of sick or poorly maintained aquariums. Balance chemistry, change water, treat disease. Emergency response and same day service available.

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aquarium animalsAquarium Livestock Services

Hand picked fish, coral, and invertebrates to enhance and improve your aquarium ecosystem. We don’t use off shore online vendors. Our fish are from responsible tropical farms, and the corals are grown in Salty Dog Labs.

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feed my fish while I'm on vactionVacation Services

Need an aquarium sitter? Occasional short term maintenance to ensure your fish are feed and the equipment doesn’t malfunction while you’re out of town.

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