Custom Aquariums

Design, Build, Set-Up and Maintenance

“Custom aquariums should be part of the architecture and design of a room or space. We’ve been developing custom aquariums for nearly 10 years, and I can’t stress the importance of that experience when creating custom aquariums.”
~ Greg Watts, Salty Dog Aquariums Owner

Careful consideration and planning is put into making the aquarium fit the space but also function as an ecosystem.  We will work with your contractor, architect or interior designer to ensure that your aquarium has maximum impact for the room but also allow us to maintain a clean and thriving salt water tank.

Once the placement, dimensions and finishes are set we’ll take care of matching the technical equipment and materials to the custom specifications of the aquarium.  From selecting the right size pumps and filtration systems to selecting the right species.  There isn’t a one size fits all approach to our custom aquariums.

Things to consider when building a custom aquarium:

custom aquarium West Palm Beach

  • Shape & Size
  • Placement
  • Amount of Outside Light
  • Design Finishes
  • Maintenance Access
  • Equipment
  • Species

An aquarium shouldn’t be an after thought for you room, rather it should be a piece of living art that is thoughtfully placed and designed.  Furthermore we pride our selves on matching the correct configuration of the technical aquarium equipment along with the right species to co-exist.

Contact Salty Dog Aquariums to help you create a  custom aquarium that is perfect for your living space of office.

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